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The Different Types Of Conservatory Roof Insulation

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Looking for conservatory roof insulation? A conservatory is either the coldest room in the house in winter, or the hottest one in summer. Our services can help with this issue. If you’re looking to save money on energy bills or increase the value of your property, you’ll want to know what your options are. Here are the different types of insulation you can choose from:

Double Glazing For Conservatory Roof Insulation

Is your low-quality roof losing you money? It’s time to convert to double glazing. Upgrading your panels means your home will have better heat retention. This is because the gap between the panes acts as an insulative barrier. Double glazing comes with many other advantages, such as noise reduction, less condensation and increased safety.

Dupry Before

Thicker Polycarbonate

Already have a polycarbonate roof? Then replacing it with a thicker one will also help insulate your home. For conservatory roof insulation, the thicker the sheet, the better the heat and sound protection. Older conservatories tend to have been fitted with inefficient polycarbonate, where heat escapes straight through it. Upgrading to a better-quality roof can stop heat wastage and reduce those energy bills.

Multifoil Quilt Insulation

Do you already have a glass or polycarbonate roof? We can install our conservatory roof insulation underneath your current one. The 19 multi-layers of insulation act as a barrier, making sure vapour and air are unable to get through. The system prevents 91% of heat loss, making your space cosy in the colder months and cooler in the summertime.

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Even with glass panes, we can fix tints so it’s not see-through from the outside. This option is perfect if you want to transform your property hassle-free. Adding the extra layers can make a massive difference to the feel of your home, and the cost.


Want to improve the appearance of your property? Then tiling is an option. Envirotile is a stylish and modern choice for any conservatory roof insulation. The advanced interlocking tiles ensure it’s sound and secure, so your home is more weather resistant and energy efficient.

The tiles are BBA certified, meaning that they can withstand all severe weather types. On top of this, the underlay used for them is designed to absorb the impact of wind. This helps to keep your property protected and looking great.

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If you want to chat to us about your options, get in touch with our team today and we can help you. We believe conservatory roof insulation has many benefits and is an important addition to any home.

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