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Conservatory Roof Replacements Bournemouth

If you’re looking to upgrade your conservatory roof, Dorset & Somerset Conservatory Roof Replacement are here to help. Whether you’re replacing a faulty roof or just looking to make an improvement, we service conservatory roofs throughout Bournemouth, Dorset and Somerset. Our expert technicians with over 15 years of experience will be happy to help you find the best replacement conservatory roof for you, designed, supplied and installed according to your needs and budget.


We offer a hassle-free service that is highly skilled and low priced. 

When Do You Need To Change Your Conservatory Roof?

There are three main factors to consider before deciding whether your conservatory roof should be replaced:

Safety always comes first when considering a new conservatory roof. Our top of the line conservatory roofs are designed and built to last. Guaranteed to last with 5 years of insurance, our roofs protect against gaps, cracks and leaks. If left unchecked, these can lead to mould, electrical hazards and even loss of the conservatory’s structural integrity.


Sound is another issue. We insulate all of our roofs with noise cancelling technology. Many conservatories, especially those built during the summer, fail to consider just how loud rain can be when it hits a conservatory roof. Cut out the noise and upgrade to a double glazed, or perhaps even a tile conservatory roof today.


Heat is the most common problem with conservatory roofs. We ensure that all of our conservatory roofs are perfectly insulated against both the heat and the cold, keeping you cool in summer and toasty in winter. Does sunshine turn your conservatory into a magnifying glass? Does it leach the heat from your home during the colder months? 

Contact us, and we guarantee  a conservatory roof that will keep the elements out, and perhaps even save on your energy bills.

What Are The Advantages?

A new conservatory roof is a fantastic investment in your property, not just for when your old one falls into disrepair. You could be looking to replace your old polycarbonate roof with a new one, convert to double glazing, or even switch to a tile conservatory roof instead. A bespoke, well made and built to last conservatory could add thousands of pounds worth of value to your property.

Your new conservatory roof could even save you money in the long term. Low-quality roofs can leach heat from your home and increase energy bills. Contact us for more information about our insulated conservatory roofs that will keep the heat inside your home and your energy bills low.


Is It Expensive?

We strive to supply the best conservatory roofs. All of our projects are carried out by experts with over 15 years of experience, all at a competitive price. We offer 5 years of insurance, guaranteed by the IWA, with every roof replacement. We operate locally and deal directly with every customer, cutting out agencies and middlemen and passing those savings on directly to you. Now is the perfect time to upgrade your roof. Contact us now and find the right conservatory roof for you.


Looking to refresh your conservatory roof? For information and a free quote, feel free to contact us by phone or email. Transform your conservatory roof today.

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