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Conservatory Roof Insulation Review: YBS SuperQuilt

Superquilt Roll conservatory roof insulation

We recognise how important effective conservatory roof insulation is. As a business that takes pride in the quality of its work, we want to bring you the very best on offer. That’s why we take care to use only high-quality conservatory roof insulation.

YBS SuperQuilt is our first and best choice. Read on to find out why.

YBS SuperQuilt: What Is It?

YBS SuperQuilt is one of the best insulators in the UK. It’s a multilayer, reflective, multifunctional aluminium insulator that provides excellent solar and vapour protection.

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Why It’s Our First Choice In Conservatory Roof Insulation

We choose it over other, more traditional insulators because it is better in every way. It traps heat better, protects against the glare of the summer sun, and helps keep energy bills low. Moreover, it is NHBC recognised and has been met with total approval by UK industry standards and building control regulations.

But why is it so much better than those more traditional forms of insulation?

It is due to the way it approaches the three types of energy transfer.

The Three Ways That Energy Is Transmitted


Energy is transmitted between nearby molecules. This is called conduction. In its natural course, warm air in contact with your conservatory roof will balance out with the cold outside. This, in turn, leaves your conservatory cold and inhospitable.

This is countered by YBS SuperQuilt conservatory roof insulation. It is constructed of 19 layers of thermally resistant sheets. As a result, heat transfers far more slowly through it.


When heat flows through liquids and gases, this is called convection. Additionally, heat will always rise. These two facts together mean that a hot liquid or gas will displace the cooler medium  

Cooler liquids and gases are displaced as heat rises. As such, heat will try to escape if your conservatory is warm inside but cold outside. This is especially the case if there is any moisture resting on the inside or outside of your conservatory roof. This is because liquids conduct heat far more effectively than air.

YBS SuperQuilt conservatory roof insulation solves this. It serves as a vapour control barrier in addition to insulating against conduction. This guards your conservatory both from the loss of heat and the accumulation of moisture.


When energy is transferred between two things that are not in contact with one another, it is done through radiation. One excellent example of this is sunlight. A hard vacuum exists between us and the sun. Yet, we are still heated by its radiation.

It is very easy for a typical glass conservatory roof to overheat under radiation. Worse, the glass magnifies it, making it even hotter. Because of this, many conservatory roofs are almost unusable in the summer because of how hot they get.

The reflective aluminium construction of YBS SuperQuilt solves this. Its reflective aluminium surface reflects the sunlight and the heat it carries with it.

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Contact Us For Effective And Competitively Priced Conservatory Roof Insulation

Get in touch with us today for knowledgeable, friendly, and experienced conservatory roof insulation specialists. We are committed to helping enjoy your conservatory to its fullest. That’s why we’re thrilled to be working with YBS SuperQuilt. Together, we help make sure that your conservatory is warm in the winter and cool in the summer. Thanks to its heat-trapping qualities, it can even help reduce your energy bills.

Contact us today to find out more about how we can revitalise your conservatory roof at competitive prices.

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