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How Conservatory Roof Insulation Reduces Noise

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There are a couple of ways in which conservatory roof insulation reduces noise. It is specially made to provide the customer with a few benefits, such as heat regulation, energy bill savings and noise reduction. It is no accident that the noise in your home is greatly lowered after installation. Let’s take a look at how this works.

Noise Reduction Materials

Conservatory roof insulation is made with heat regulation and noise reduction in mind. With that, let’s look at the two ways it reduces the noise in your conservatory.

uPVC Panelling

Not only can uPVC panels offer a sleek finish for your conservatory roof insulation, it can also help to create a sealed layer between your roof and the interior of your conservatory.

This layer acts as a barrier to the outside world, reducing the noise you hear from the elements such as wind and rain.


Between the panelling and your roof is a foil material. This material acts as a direct noise suppressor. When used, it creates less sound from nearby. You’ll barely notice the noises you usually hear from outside sources such as dogs, children and roads.

Rain On Conservatory Windows

Sound Suppression

One of the biggest issues with conservatory noise is rain. We all like the sound of gentle rain on a winter’s night. However, when heavy rain sounds like the house is falling down, something needs to be done. This is where conservatory roof insultation comes in. The process of reducing noise with insulation is a simple concept.

The reason a conservatory creates so much noise on its roof is the thin uPVC. The plastic, when hit with the force of heavy rain, causes vibrations. These vibrations have nothing stopping them. That therefore results in a lot of noise, particularly in a storm.

Conservatory roof insulation creates a barrier between the roof and the interior. The panelling seals the layer, and the foil material absorbs the vibrations and the noise. Together they are extremely effective in reducing sound.

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